Ganjagrams X Green Society



The Comparison


There is a blog page but no regular content– the last one was posted in Spring! Ganjagrams has regular fresh and educational content every week. Learn more tips, guides for first-timers, etc.

Ganjagrams is a great resource for cannabis education and tips! Check it out today to learn more about the benefits of cannabis and how to use it safely and effectively.


Green Society has promotions (giveaways/contests/sales) and 50% off deals, but Ganjagrams has all that plus free gifts if you spend a certain amount on your order!

Ganjagrams is the place to be for promotions! They have giveaways, contests, and sales galore!


Green Society has a wide variety of strains and products, but Ganjagrams offers as many products, with higher quality BC weed.

If you’re looking for high-quality BC weed, Ganjagrams is the place to go. We have a wide variety of strains, especially if you buy Sativa weed, and we also have other products to choose from, like marijuana edibles. So you’re sure to find something that fits your needs. Whether you’re a first-time smoker or an experienced cannabis connoisseur, we have something for everyone.


Green Society only focuses on weed but Ganjagrams also sells magic shrooms! Buy everything you need in just one place, including the best strains of weed and mushrooms.


Ganjagrams is the Best Dispensary in Canada for Good Reasons

  • We are the best Online Dispensary in Canada, with easy and fast online ordering, everything is straightforward. We offer a variety of products to choose from. We have everything you need to make your experience easy and convenient. We deliver a great experience every time.
  • We launched our website in July 2017. Since that time, we have earned a credibility for being the most reliable source of weed.
  • Ganjagrams has its base of operations in the islands of BC. British Columbia is Canada’s cannabis-growing heartland. We offer nothing but premium quality weed, some of the highest quality in the world.
  • Ganjagrams serves over 10,000 patients across Canada: Over the years, people have come to trust us. People don’t just trust our character; they trust us for being a reliable source and a great source of information.

Looking for a reliable and affordable online dispensary? Look to Ganjagrams. Our long-time relationships and experience allow us to find great deals, saving you money. We also have the highest quality weed and mushrooms online. Plus, we offer effortless browsing and shopping, easy ordering and payment methods, and fast discreet delivery. You just can’t find a better online dispensary than Ganjagrams.


Buy the Best Cannabis Online from Ganjagrams

Looking for the best cannabis products? Order weed online from Ganjagrams. We provide top-quality weed delivery to your door, discreetly and securely. We offer Vancouver weed delivery and also serve Toronto, Montreal, Ottawa, Victoria, Quebec, Regina, Calgary, and every other province and territory. Contact Ganjagrams today to learn more!