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Buy Budder Online in Canada

The Canadian concentrate maker– BudderKing is to be thanked for bringing this form of cannabis concentrate into existence during the ‘90s. You can now buy Budder online in Canada. We are fortunate to have a long relationship with some of the best producers globally, right here in British Columbia, the heart of Canadian cannabis cultivation country. Our growers are pretty particular about the quality of our Budder; after all, this product represents their craft and abilities. We wouldn’t have it any other way, for the sake of you, our customers.

Budder/Wax. Wax or budder refers to cannabis extracts with a creamy, buttery consistency. It is also called crumble or cake batter. The consistency is comparable to a soft wax and is more forgiving to work with than shatter.

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Cannabis concentrates come in several forms. One of those forms is cannabis wax, and even cannabis wax comes in several forms. Based on the various consistencies of wax, it could be argued that Budder is one of the more favourable forms of wax. Budder is somewhere between a solid and a liquid. Not as runny as oil, but not as solid as shatter. By agitating cannabis wax, crystallization takes place that results in a non-transparent paste. Budder forms as residual solvents are removed. The consistency becomes somewhat like cake frosting. Harder forms of this substance are referred to as honeycomb or crumble. Budder is creamier than crumble, honeycomb, or shatter. Budder is made by dousing weed into butane, CO2, or another chemical solvent. It purges out all the plant material so that only the cannabis extract is left. Budder refers to any cannabis concentrate with a creamy quality in its consistency. If the consistency is more like cheese, then it can be referred to as crumble.

Buy Better Budder from Ganjagrams

As our growers say: the best Budder comes from the best cannabis. Whether you want a Sativa dominant effect or an Indica dominant effect, Budder should provide a potent expression of that particular character. So, the quality and expression of the Budder are determined by the source. Ganjagrams has been the steward of quality over the years, so we are the best dispensary in Canada when it comes to consistently high quality. That is why it is best to buy a better Budder from us. Although Budder is one of the easiest concentrates to dab, it is also a concentrate for the more experienced user. Best used with a hot knife, dab rig, or vape, a dab will do yah. Budder is made for a faster, more efficient, more accurate, and more discrete way to dose. There is no need for combustion when it comes to Budder.

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Buy cannabis budder from our Vancouver online dispensary. You’ll find out that we are the best dispensary in Canada. When you buy weed on-sale online in Canada from us, we will take 10% off your first order. It is easy to purchase cheap quality weed online from Ganjagrams in Canada, and we always have free offers available. All you do is shop for the dollar amount required for free offers, click on “Claim Offer,” and the item will be automatically added to your cart if the requirement is met. Also, if you buy $150 or more, shipping is free.