Buying Weed Edibles – Everything You Need To Know

Marijuana Edibles – the tasty way to get your marijuana fix

Mini Turtles - 75mg cbd:thc

Marijuana edibles are great because they allow people that don’t enjoy smoking or do not want to inhale smoke into their lungs to experience all the benefits of marijuana in the form of a tasty snack.

Made by infusing weed with food, edibles have grown in popularity and variety enormously over the past couple of years.

Many people prefer edibles because they offer an easier way to ingest weed and can also give a longer and more relaxing high.

Learn everything there is to know about our edibles in this guide then order some and get the benefits for yourself.

What are edibles?

Marijuana edibles are cannabis-infused products that contain cannabinoids (THC and/or CBD) and can be eaten or drank.

Marijuana can be infused with literally any type of food or drink. Here at Ganjagrams, we stock edibles in the following varieties:

Fruit Salad by SeC

Edibles are made by first infusing cannabis with either cooking oil or butter.  Once infused, the canna-oil or canna-butter is then used as a base in many different recipes to create a variety of different weed-infused food and snacks.

Weed Edibles Infographic

Edibles vs Smoking

As we have established, weed edibles can encompass a large variety of different food varieties as opposed to the stereotypical ‘pot brownies’.

Firstly, edibles are much more discrete.  You could quite easily eat a marijuana cookie in public and no one would know that you are consuming cannabis.  This is something you certainly cannot do when smoking weed as the smoke can spread quite far and quickly.

Furthermore, a big difference between edibles and smoking is their time to take effect on your body.

When you smoke marijuana, THC (the active ingredient) enters your body via your lungs and then gets transferred directly to your bloodstream reaching your brain seconds later.  You can tell that smoking marijuana has a quick effect since when you take a big toke, you can literally feel the effects hit you.

However, when eating a marijuana-infused edible the THC slowly enters your bloodstream via your stomach and intestines. The effect is that you get a high that takes longer to have an effect but lasts longer when it does and can be slightly more psychoactive.

The effects of edibles usually take 30 – 90 minutes to have an impact on your system, and generally last between 4 to 8 hours, depending on the serving size taken.

Advice For Taking Edibles

Although the active ingredient in edibles is the same as any other marijuana product, due to the way it enters your body the effects can be quite different.  Therefore, we recommended that you take some precautionary measure when taking edibles for the first time, whether this is your first time trying weed or even if you are a seasoned pothead.

Don’t take too much at once

The best piece of advice for someone taking edibles for the first time is not to take too much at once.

As edibles can take up to 90 minutes to take effect, many people take their first dose and 30 minutes later, after not feeling any effects, take a second dose.  This leads to two doses hitting at once, and if you are not used to the effects of an edible can be very overwhelming!

Our advice is to start with a dose of 3-5mg of THC and wait at least 90 minutes.  If you would like to enhance the effects from there, then take a second dose.  You can always eat more but can never eat less once you have taken too much.

Don’t take on an empty stomach

Taking edibles on an empty stomach can lead to much more extreme effects including nausea and even paranoia.  Therefore, it is always advised to have eaten a meal before taking edibles.

Don’t mix with alcohol

It is widely advised to never mix alcohol and marijuana, however, this is, even more, the case with edibles.

As edibles can sometimes be unpredictable on your body as well as inducing a deeper and more psychoactive high, not mixing them with alcohol is even more paramount.

What To Do If You Take Too Much

Sometimes it happens, we get excited, impatient and end up eating too many edibles.

If you do find yourself in the position of taking too much the first thing to remember is not to panic and that the effects will subdue.

Drink plenty of water, lie down and just wait it out.  By lying down and trying to relax you may find that this helps get back to the good effects of a marijuana edible.


Conclusion – Marijuana Edibles A Whole New Way To Experience Weed

Although marijuana edibles come with some precautionary measures, it should not deter you from trying them.  They are perfectly safe when taken in the right dosage and offer some great benefits that smoking marijuana does not for instance:

  • Edibles tend to last longer and induce a more intense high
  • Do not need to inhale carcinogenic smoke to get high
  • A stronger ‘body buzz’ which is great for relaxing and relieving pain